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Pakistani Actresses Who Got Lip Fillers Done

Pakistani actresses are constantly trying to reinvent themselves. While doing so, they don’t just polish their acting skills and style but nowadays undergoing certain procedures is also part of the ‘beautifying’ process. There are some Pakistani actresses who chose not to get these procedures done but there are many more who are continuously getting Botox and fillers done in order to look better. There was a time when such procedures were not very common in Pakistan and everyone used to age gracefully. Nowadays, however, there are certain set standards of beauty that Pakistani actresses think they need to follow. If they do not like a certain facial feature they can easily get it altered through these fillers and Botox.

What are Lip Fillers?
Lip fillers are probably the most common form of fillers and ones which most girls who are beauty conscious get because a big pout is considered more attractive. These fillers are injected through an injection and it takes a few days for these fil..


New Pakistani Drama Actors With Good Acting Skills

There are new additions to the Pakistani drama industry all the time but there are only a handful of new actors who impress the viewers with their acting skills. With the advent of private channels and so many new production houses, the new actors have more opportunities now. That is the reason why we see new faces on our television screens more often now. Social media definitely plays an important role in helping these new actors carve their own identity and reach out to their fans. Some of these actors got the wonderful opportunity of working with the most talented team right at the beginning of their career. There were others who were only seen on screen for a short period of time but their performance left a lasting impression. Sometimes a single scene can say a great deal about an actor’s potential and at other times there are a variety of scenes which clearly show an actor’s range. Acting is a challenging profession that requires a lot of hard work. Therefore, no matter how natur..


Pakistani Actors Who Are Bold In Interviews

Pakistani actors give a lot of interviews nowadays because there are so many different blogs and YouTube channels. Even those actors such as Noman Ijaz and Sania Saeed who at one time did not like giving interviews, nowadays don’t mind getting interviewed. Most of the actors are cautious while giving these interviews because anything they say can turn controversial. Because of social media, anything controversial or bold spoken during an interview goes viral instantly.

There are those actors also, who are not scared of speaking their minds. Although they know that some of their remarks might get them the kind of attention that they might not like, they do not refrain from saying exactly what they want. While some of these actors have been really bold and truthful while talking about their own personal life, others often give remarks about fellow actors which become controversial.

Here is the list of those Pakistani actors who are really bold while giving interviews.

Firdous Jamal


10 Pakistani Drama Actors Who Are Shia

Muharram-ul-Haram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. This month comes with the remembrance of the day of Karbala. All the Muslims remember the grandson of our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and the Ahle Bait for their valor and teach our generations how Hussain RA did not bow before the wrong.

Like all the Muslims, Pakistani stars also observe the Ashura. Many celebrities who are Shia Muslims hold Majalis and participate in remembering Hussain RA and the children of Hazrat Muhammad SAW’s household. Since Pakistani celebrities come from different backgrounds therefore there are quite a few of them who are Shia Muslims.

Here is a list of all those Pakistani celebrities who are Shias.

Sadia Imam
Sadia Imam is a Shia celebrity who may not be a conservative Shia but her Instagram page does reveal that she makes sure that everyone knows about her faith. Even though she isn’t too active on social media.

Natasha Ali
Natasha Ali is one of those celebrities who take their faith very seri..


Helpless Men and Desperate Women In Pakistani Dramas

Love triangles have been the norm in Pakistani dramas for the longest time. Even if we take a look at some of the watched dramas in the past decade, love triangles have been part of the main storyline in some way or the other. The viewers were already sick and tired of watching such similar scenarios unfold on their television screens, the new trend of showing how helpless the men are and just how desperate the women are is making it even worse!

Men Are Not Held Accountable
Right now, there are so many dramas in which women want to buy men, blackmail them, intimidate them, and do whatever it takes to win them over. What makes this situation even worse is that all these men are married and want nothing to do with these women. Surely, there are such situations in real life too but the portrayal in these dramas shows men in such situations where the writers often justify their actions. We live in a society where men are already not held accountable for infidelity or making wrong decision..


5 Times Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Went Over the Top

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is getting popular acclaim even though it is a blatant copy of the Bollywood film Judai. By airing dramas such as Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida and Zebaish, HUM has started a new trend of dramas which are over the top and at times ridiculous. Pakistani dramas are known worldwide because of their realistic approach. There are many viewers from across the borders who appreciate this quality because their local dramas are known for going overboard. Unfortunately, Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is turning out to be a serial which isn’t a comedy play but there are so many scenarios which make it impossible for the viewers to relate to whatever is going on. While such over the top and unrealistic scenarios might work on the big screen, they are uncalled for when the producers are tackling with a rather serious issue on the small screen.

The story of the drama revolves around an immature woman Ulfat who dreams of being rich. She is materialistic and apparently would do anything to get t..


Top Pakistani Actors Talking About Love

There is a famous saying that love makes the world go round. There is no denying the fact that love is a natural emotion which if reciprocated by the person one loves can change someone’s life altogether. Some of the most sought after Pakistani actors have been lucky in love. They fell in love at an early age and also got to spend the rest of their lives with their partners. There are others who have many times talked about falling in love but they were not lucky enough to get married to the love of their lives. Everyone has a different perspective about love which largely depends on a person’s experiences. In interviews, celebrities are often asked about their views on love. All of them have different ways to define love. All these perspectives are interesting and tell a great deal about the experiences these actors had in their lives.

Here are some of the most interesting interviews in which top Pakistani actors talked about love.

Adnan Siddiqui Is a Hopeless Romantic
Adnan Siddiqu..


10 Lessons We Learned From Drama Serial Nand

There are very few dramas that entertain and educate at the same time. Most of the time while making dramas about social issues, entertainment takes a back seat. There are also those instances when writers fail to do justice to the main theme of the drama. Marital issues are a favorite among Pakistani writers and while writing a story surrounding them sometimes the writers fail to add a useful takeaway to the story. It is also common for issue-based dramas, in particular, to go off track. Nand has some stereotypes, the title of the drama being the first one! The way nands are perceived in our society is a well-known fact and in a way, this drama endorses the stereotype. The great thing about this drama is that through this singular character and representation, Nand has shown all the young married girls out there how to tackle the issues they might face right after getting married.

Most of the Pakistani dramas present problems but usually, the solution is left for the last two episode..


Biggest Blunders of Nida Yasir on Her Morning Show

Nida Yasir has been the talk of the town more than once but never for the right reasons. She has been hosting ARY’s morning show for many years and according to her, it has been a joyride which helped her learn along the way. Nida started hosting morning shows because she did not have the time for acting after becoming a mother of 3 kids. We are all fully acquainted with the criteria based on which morning show hosts are chosen to do the job.

The top criteria for being a morning show host would be a complete lack of common sense. Anyone with common sense would question all that they are asked to do while hosting a morning show. Morning show hosts such as Shaista Lodhi, Sanam Jung, and even Nadia Khan have repeatedly complained about the format of these shows.

The viewers are no longer welcoming of such shows as well which is why ARY and PTV are the only two channels right now which continue to air such shows. While PTV’s show has a completely different format, Nida Yasir openly decla..


Pakistani Celebrities Who Got Cosmetic Nose Surgery Done

Pakistani celebrities are beauty conscious just like all the other celebrities in the world. They feel more confident on-screen when they think they are looking ‘perfect’ from every angle. With the advent of cosmetic procedures, more than ever these celebrities rely on such cosmetic surgeries in order to correct what they feel are ‘imperfections’. Most of these celebrities do not like to talk about the procedures they got done.

There are also those who openly declared that they got nose surgery done because they were not happy with the shape of their nose. In Pakistan, people are not too welcoming of such procedures. This is the reason why celebrities do not openly talk about these surgical procedures. There was a time when plastic surgery wasn’t too common in Pakistan. Nowadays, it has become a regular part of the life of many people including celebrities.

What Is Cosmetic Nose Surgery
A nose job is technically called a Rhinoplasty. There are some people who get Rhinoplasty surgery ..