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Why People With Blue Eyes Can Be So Unique

  1. Blue eyes aren’t actually blue. © Jenna Hamra / Pexels There’s no such thing as a blue pigment in the eyes. The majority of the human race gets their


6 Makeup Tips to Make Your Teeth Look Bright White

  1. Define and outline your mouth with a nude color A lip liner is almost as important as a lipstick, but it’s often forgotten. It helps define the contour of the mouth


15 Men Who Ditched the Razor and Released Their Inner Viking

© humblebrag / Reddit 2. “Channeling my inner Asian supervillain.” © weightlessness / Reddit 3. “Hair finally caught up with the beard.” © jknowl3m / Reddit 4. “World Beard Day.

a man model

To Keep Makeup Looking Fresh Take A Powder

Moms are the ones who bandage our boo-boos when we’re little and continue to take care of us as we get older—often sacrificing their own