Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said he has signed an agreement with leaders of Russia and Azerbaijan to end the war on Tuesday.

He added that he would address the nation “in upcoming days.”

“I made that decision as a result of a deep analysis of the military situation,” he said.

“We need to analyze our years of independence to plan our future and not repeat the mistakes of the past,” Pashinian added.

Russian peacekeepers are reported to be deployed in Nagorno Karabakh, as part of the trilateral agreement signed by Moscow,Armenia & Azerbaijan. The peacekeepers will be supported by all branches of military, including air force, artillery, special forces and navy, the Greek City Times reported.

Under the Agreement:

  1. Armenia implements UN resolutions, different districts hand over to Azerbaijani authorities before 15th November, 20th November, 1 December.
  2. Current frontlines halt as of Moscow midnight.
  3. Russian Federation peacekeepers to protect 5kms Lachin corridor for 5 years.

The Azerbaijani army inflicted “heavy blows” on Armenian military positions in the Khojavend region, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said on Monday, adding that the occupying Armenian forces launched incessant overnight attacks on its army positions and civilian settlements in continued violation of the cease-fire.

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