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Zahid Ahmed is one of the most prominent name of Pakistan Drama Industry. Zahid has been a part of a number of block buster dramas.

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He is currently starring in drama serial Muhabbat Tujhay Alvida alongside Sonya Hussain nd Mansha Pasha.

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In one of his recent interview Zahid Ahmed talked about his upcoming projects.

Zahid Ahmed Showing His Dance Moves 13


“I am doing a new one for ARY its called its tend to be called Faryat and the play centered around me and I am a hate able guy in that play” said Zahid Ahmed

Zahid Ahmed Showing His Dance Moves 5


“He is greedy and have no moral compass. He is putting everything on fire” Zahid explained further

Zahid Ahmed About Feminism And Boycotting Khalil Ur Rehman 26

About cast he said: “We have tried a new formula, I have two lading ladies who are relatively new one is Aiza Awan and the other is Nawal Saeed both are very good performers and I am happy to work with them. This is something I have never done before I have always worked with great actresses and this is a completely new experience for me”



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