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Aiman Khan has always been the talk of the town either it’s because of her wedding, pregnancy, motherhood, or a simple selfie which she posts on Instagram. People are always waiting to see her on the social media so they can adore her looks and sweet personality.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt recently celebrated a grand birthday party of their beloved daughter, Amal Muneeb. Almost every Pakistani actors and actresses were invited to enjoy Amal’s big day and to bless her with warm wishes. Aiman shared a cute selfie of hers with a pout face on Instagram and her fans are showing unconditional love under the post.

Scroll down to check out latest pictures of Aiman Khan from her Instagram.

Aiman Khan 1 2

Aiman Khan 2 1

Aiman Khan 3 1

Aiman Khan 4 1

Aiman Khan 5 1

Aiman Khan 6 1

Aiman Khan 7 1

Aiman Khan 8 1

Aiman Khan 9 1



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